双录取 for Dual Credit permits eligible high school students to enroll in college courses concurrently with high school classes, either at one of the college campuses or at the student's high school, earning college and high school credit simultaneously. College courses count toward high school graduation credits, and the courses remain as a part of the student's regular transcript. LBWCC的 双注册传单 provides an overview of eligible programs, 奖学金资助, student records and privacy rights, and other important information. Additional policy details and forms can be found in the LBWCC 双录取 Handbook

LBWCC 双录取 Handbook


  • 节约成本: Tuition and fee costs at LBWCC are significantly lower than those at four-year colleges.
  • 同时信贷: Earn academic credit for both high school graduation and a college degree.
  • 教育优势: Get a jump start on your college career while eas­ing the transition from high school to college.

Eligibility and Continuation

Students must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be a rising high school sophomore, junior, or senior.
  • Have a minimum unweighted GPA of 2.5对4.0规模. (Students in Automotive Mechanics, 建筑施工, 美容, 柴油技术, 林业, and Welding must have a minimum unweighted GPA of 2.0或更高.)
  • Have written approval from their high school. 
  • Have the social maturity and academic readiness for college-level coursework. 
  • Maintain a "C" or better in all attempted courses at LBWCC. Students who fail to meet this minimum grade requirement or who withdraw from a course will be suspended from the program for a minimum of one term.


Students interested in 双录取 should complete the following steps:

  1. 完成LBWCC 入学申请.
  2. 提交 双录取 - Interest and Eligibility form, signed by the student and counselor.
  3. Submit a high school transcript documenting grade level and required GPA. 
  4. 位置的评估 for English or math, or provide ACT scores exempting them from placement.


When a student graduates from high school, college credits earned at LBWCC through the 双录取 Program are trans­ferable to other public colleges and universities in Alabama through 阿拉巴马州转移. Students planning to attend private or out-of-state colleges and universities should check with those admissions offices to determine their poli­cies relative to dual enrollment and dual credit. Additional information can be found on the 转移援助 网页. 


Students in the 双录取 Program have access to the same support services as traditional students, 包括咨询, 学习资源, 技术援助, 辅导, 还有书店. Students can access these services by visiting the LBWCC网站, by calling the applicable department, or by setting up an in-person appointment at their high school or one of our campus locations. (见 雇员目录 查阅联络资料.) ​

  • 招生: admissions requirements and application link
  • 书店: contact information, store hours, and links to order textbooks online
  • Canvas: LBWCC的 learning management system, which includes course shells and a link to online 辅导
  • 大学目录 and 学生手册: all academic and student policies
  • 咨询: contact information for counselors on each campus
  • 残疾人服务: contact information for the College's Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) coordinators
  • Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA): privacy information and records release policies
  • 金融援助: Satisfactory Academic Progress and other important financial aid policies
  • 图书馆: contact information, access to catalog and databases, and laptop loan procedures 
  • 登录参考表: tips for accessing student accounts (e.g., Canvas, Saints Email, and myLBWCC) setting up direct deposit, and making payments
  • 学生的成功: success webinars and information about advising and registration


For additional information, please contact the dual enrollment liaison for your area:

  • Students in Covington County, 咖啡县, or Geneva County should contact Denise Sauls at denises@lbwcc.Edu或334-493-5328.
  • 巴特勒县的学生, 克伦肖县, or other areas should contact Jeanni Sanders at jsanders@lbwcc.Edu或334-881-2244.

For technical assistance with Canvas, myLBWCC, 或老葡京手机app电子邮件, please contact Mary Ann Hudson through the LBWCC Online Help Desk in Canvas or by text at 334-595-9045.